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System Guide

About Appointments

Setting up an Appointment

If you are not in Osaka or can’t come by the shop, you can set up a meeting either by phone or by filling out the appointment form that we have attached here.
Please give us 3 business days to respond to your mail. Also, if we have not managed to get back to you after 3 days, pick up the phone and ask! Maybe the mail didn’t go through due to a technical difficulty!

About Your New Tattoo

A counseling for the practiceSo, on the day of your appointment, one of our artists will sit down with you and talk to you about the design, where you want it placed,etc.
At that time, we will provide you an estimate for this tattoo.

*Keep in mind that tattoos are permanent.

The tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life so we want to make sure you are comfortable with every aspect.
Our staff will work hard to ensure that you are satisfied.

*Please remember to bring a photo ID with you.

Tattoo Reservation, Waiver and the Deposit

Once you are satisfied with all aspects, we want to set up a date for you to get your tattoo.
We will need you to sign a waiver. To finalize your reservation, we will need you to make a 10,000 yen deposit.
This will be deducted from your total bill. For large designs that can not be completed in one day, we will need to ask for a larger deposit and decide on days that work for you and the artist.

Getting Tattooed on your First Visit

For many reasons, we really prefer to plan ahead and schedule our customers.
However, we welcome walk-in customers, and will attempt to have you tattooed, subject to staff availability.
But please don’t count on same-day tattooing, especially if you are visiting Osaka from a long way away.


No tattoos if you are under 18 or still in high school

If you are under 18 or still in high school, we can not tattoo you.
Also, we reserve the right of refusal if you belong to any of the following categories:

  • ・If you are not feeling well
  • ・If you consumed alcohol the day of your reservation or the previous day
  • ・If you are sunburned
  • ・If you are obviously medicated
  • ・If you have HIV, hepatitis, diabetes, liver or blood disorders, allergies
  • ・If you are a member of a gang or if we have adequate reason to feel that you are associated with a gang
  • ・If you want to get a tattoo for any other reason besides art
  • ・If we feel that it is not suitable for you to get a tattoo


Our Devotion to Sanitation and Hygiene

Our Devotion to Sanitation and Hygiene

At our studio, we are fastidious about cleanliness and sanitation.
We use ethanol and a 6% solution of sodium hypochlorite to keep everything squeaky clean.
To help ensure cleanliness, we insist that our clients use a surgical scrub on their hands before we start your tattoo.
And of course, we discard all single-use items such as needles, ink, ink cups, gloves etc,
after usage. For other items like the machine tubes, grips and other machinery, we use an Autoclave, a Sterilizer and an Ultra Sonic Cleaner, to make absolutely sure that all utensils used are completely disinfected and sterilized.
If blood accidently gets on a non-disposable item, we will set up a guard between the tainted item and the client and dispose of the item after the tattooing is completed.

  • *1 Autoclave

    Auto Clave

    This Autoclave works by raising the barometric pressure inside the machine by two units and heating the contents to between 120 to 135 degrees ℃.
    This process will kill bacteria or viruses that boiling water or disinfectant can not.
    This is method is utilized by medical facilities around the world and we are confident in its reliability and effectiveness to reduce germs.

  • *2 Sterilizer
    (Sterilizer and Disinfectant)


    This unit uses irradiation to disinfect in a very short amount of time.
    At HYPER SPACE, we store tattoo equipment here in the sterilizer after cleasing in the autoclave.

  • *3 Ultra Sonic Cleaner
    (Ultrasonic Cleanser)

    Ultra Sonic Cleaner

    As the name suggests, this unit uses ultra sonic waves to cleanse equipment.
    We use this machine to destroy any unseen traces of tattoo ink or other invisible bits of uncleanliness and wash everything away.

Ensuring that Our Sterilization Procedures are First Class!

By regularly utilizing “biological injector monitoring tests,” we ensure that that the autoclave is working properly.
In addition to the autoclave, we use a variety of chemicals and cleaning agents to do battle with all pathogens, even the kind that normal disinfectants can not destroy.
We have every confidence in our cleanliness and sanitation. And you should too.


Before Your Tattoo

Precautions the day before

  • Please get a good nights’ rest the night before.
  • Please be moderate (if you must drink at all) in your drinking the night before.
    Drinking the day of your tattoo is strictly forbidden.
  • Watch out for the sun, especially in the summertime. If your sunburn is serious, we may not be able to tattoo.

Concerns on the day

  • Be sure you have showered and are physically clean.
  • Be sure you have eaten well and are physically rested.
  • Wear clothes that are appropriate for tattooing. If necessary, you can bring them with you and change at HYPER SPACE.
  • If you are not feeling well on the day or have a prescription from your doctor, please consult with us.

After Your Tattoo

Moist Healing Care

Your lovely new tattoo is made of up many, many small perforations in the skin which have had pigment implanted.
There are two basic schools of thought in regard to the best way to heal these wounds, aptly named the dry method and the moist method.
We here at HYPER SPACE follow the moist method.
This is also the method recommended by medical practitioners.
We place an appropriate amount of Vaseline or glycerin on the tattoo to ensure that the tattoo is maintained in a moist environment.
One of the moist significant benefits of this moist method is that it retains most of the clear healing liquid that your body secretes naturally.
This liquid later hardens and forms scabs, utilizing the healing power of the body to rejuvenate itself.

Precautions after your Tattoo

  • As a general rule, we recommend moist healing but sometimes there is a variation among clients and sometimes we recommend different methods.
    After the artist is done, he will give you instructions as per how to best take care of your tattoo.
  • The tattooed area will eventually form a light scab. Please resist the urge to pick at it or ‘help’ the scab come off.
    Picking at the scabs will likely result in a loss of pigment and may greatly affect the overall outcome of the tattoo. Please refrain from doing this.
  • Please refrain from drinking heavily for two days after your tattoo.
  • Please avoid direct sunlight soon after your tattoo.

A beautiful tattoo is only possible with agreement and cooperation between the artist and the person being tattooed.
You must follow the artists’ instructions to have a beautiful outcome.

【 Registration | Common Questions 】