Our studio is completely reservation-only.

Please be sure to come to our store after making a reservation.




  • *Subway Tanimachi 9 Chome Station – One minute from Exit 5
  • *Kintetsu Uehonmachi Station – 5 minutes walk to an underground passage way that adjoins Tanimachi 9 Chome Station.



OMURA TATTOO is a skilled tattoo artist with over 20 years of experience.

He can handle all genres of tattooing, but he is especially good at Japanese traditional tattooing (Wabori). He is constantly researching and pursuing a tattooing method that minimizes pain.

We place great importance on careful dialogue with our clients and listen to each person's requests in order to produce satisfactory work, and we apply our heart and soul to each tattoo.


Hygiene is a top priority at our studio and we use cartridge needles for all treatments. The use of conventional grips and tips has been abolished, and the cartridge needle is completely disposable. This allows easy replacement and provides a hygienic treatment environment.

Consumables such as needles, ink, ink cups, and gloves continue to be completely disposable. The studio is thoroughly disinfected with ethanol and 6% sodium hypochlorite to maintain a clean environment at all times.

Thorough sterilization and disinfection procedures are carried out using autoclaves, germicidal disinfectors, and ultrasonic cleaners, and the sanitary conditions within the studio are always maintained at the highest standards. We apply a barrier to items that come into contact with blood and dispose of them properly after use.

We regularly conduct "monitoring tests using biological indicators" to confirm that autoclaves are operating normally. In addition, we use effective chemicals other than autoclave to deal with all pathogens, so we are confident in the sanitary safety.

  • Auto Clave (オートクレーブ)

    Auto Clave

    This Autoclave works by raising the barometric pressure inside the machine by two units and heating the contents to between 120 to 135 degrees ℃. This process will kill bacteria or viruses that boiling water or disinfectant cannot. This method is utilized by medical facilities around the world and we are confident in its reliability and effectiveness to reduce germs.

  • Sterilizer (殺菌線消毒機)


    This unit uses irradiation to disinfect in a very short amount of time. At HYPER SPACE, we store tattoo equipment here in the sterilizer after cleansing in the autoclave.

  • Ultra Sonic Cleaner

    Ultra Sonic Cleaner

    As the name suggests, this unit uses ultrasonic waves to cleanse equipment. We use this machine to destroy any unseen traces of tattoo ink or other invisible bits of uncleanliness and wash everything away.